Thursday, 1 May 2014

PRS Peringkat Negeri.

3 days spent well at Dusun Eco Resort :) Never thought can go for any school or club activities, but then was choosen to participate this program. 3 days there so meaningful. Thanks to Cikgu Tari from SMK Indera Mahkota, Jerantut for your commitment being my group facilitator which is group 1 :) Many things we did there together, and what I can't never forget is all the lesson that you shared with us :) I may not used it now, but I know it will help me future.

Saifullah, Tengku, Haizul, Ikqwan, Elly, Bai, Hidayah& kak ( sorry forgot your name ) glad to meet you all :)

Saiful& Ikqwan, takboleh blah tiga tiga ekor kuat makan hahahahaha takbolah blah bila hari last semua dah tunjuk perangai sebenar which is KUAT MAKAN! &Happy Birthday Ikqwan! Kesian kena prank :p Everyone there were so shocked meh, pandai Kem Com buat plan :p Saiful, nanti aku ganti kau punya balloon, hahahahahahahah jangan marah ye ahahaha.

Tengku& Haizul, I wonder, which one will get Elly? Hehe